How to write a succesful Profile?

How to write a succesful ProfileOnline Dating Tip #1: Distinguish Yourself

Don’t tell people things that are obvious.

Online Dating Tip #2: Show, Don’t Tell

Paint a picture with words. Instead of writing that people find you funny, write something funny.

Online Dating Tip #3: Play up the Positive—Don’t even mention the negative

You are promoting yourself. Don’t even mention the negatives. It can wait.

Online Dating Tip #4: Start on the right foot

The beginning of your profile should give the reader a reason to continue. Say something provocative or intriguing that shows of your personality, but remember to be positive.

Online Dating Tip #5: Don’t lie about anything.

It will always come back to you. If there is something you don’t want your first date to know, just don’t talk about it, and if she asks to lead her/him into another subject of conversation.

Online Dating Tip #6: Don’t Brag.

If you have to point something out people might wonder why. Let things speak for itself.

Online Dating Top#7: Don’t mention money, success or politics.

It’s a big NO.

Online Dating Top#8: Do not diminish or insult men /women.

Richpeopledatingsite is a place for grown ups. Both men and women should be treated with respect and not like objects.

Online Dating Tip #9: Use a good photo.

If I search Richpeopledatingsite for new profiles, why would I search the profiles without photos when there are a lot of profiles with photos. It’s logical. Add a photo to your profile if your looking for a date. –

-Choose a photographer with an artistic spirit so he can reflect your personality in the image.

-Don’t reveal too much in the photo. Keep it simple and sophisticated.