5 Tips For Dating a Wealthy Woman

If you’re a man of average wealth, here are five things to avoid when dating wealthy women.

You don’t project confidence and power.
All women, especially wealthy women, love confidence. Although her money gives her power, you cannot let this fact shake your confidence. Don’t seek her approval or try to persuade her to like you. Play to win. Be your own person. One way to project more confidence is to make decisions. Don’t always assume the wealthy woman wants to decide where to eat dinner because she has the money. When you start dating her, choose where to eat and pay for her dinner. Because you decide where to eat, you don’t have to pick a place over your budget.Dating a Wealthy Woman

You complain about not spending enough time together. 
Wealthy women don’t become wealthy by doing anything. Occasionally, she may inherit her fortune, but inheritance is the exception, not the rule. More often than not, she earned her wealth. Therefore, she’s a busy executive or business owner that probably travels often and works long hours. Wealthy women are independent. They like to forge their own path. You have to give her space when she needs it, and never complain when she’s out of town or when she comes home late from the office. Her career is her first priority. If you complain about not spending enough time together, she may think you are clingy and needy. The moment she thinks you’re needy, the relationship is over.

You focus on her money. 
Even if money is your motive for dating wealthy women, you cannot put money as the focus of the relationship. Dating wealthy women means you eat at posh restaurants and take luxurious vacations using her money. However, the moment she suspects you are after her money, the relationship is over. Her friends and family already suspect your relationship is focused on her wealth. Therefore, you begin with a disadvantage. Convince her that you genuinely care about her as a person, and her friends and family will eventually accept you.

You’re terrible in bed. 
When dating wealthy women, you inevitably compete with wealthy men. Unlike you, wealthy men lavish her with expensive gifts, gourmet dinners, and luxury vacations. Obviously, you can’t compete on those terms or you’ll go broke. However, if you impress her in bed, she’s sure to keep you around. If you are lacking in the sex department, she may move on to someone else. Therefore, as rich men shower her with gifts, you must shower her with attention in the bedroom. The magic word is foreplay and lots of it! If your sexual confidence is low, there are many books about increasing sexual performance. Go to Amazon.com, pick a few of the bestsellers, and start studying.

You lose track of your own passions. 
As you progress in your relationship, the wealthy woman covers your basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing. You no longer have to work to buy what you want because she can buy it for you. Therefore, you may become dependent on her for your livelihood. You may become lazy and lose track of what you want out of life. Don’t sacrifice your own dreams for her sake. The pampering may feel good at first, but eventually, you develop a void that only your passions can fill.

If you avoid the five things listed above, you will have much success dating wealthy women.